We reach out a helping hand

We organize fundraising events and donations of gifts, which we deliver to Gliwice (Poland), where the collected resources are used to help those in need with the help of volunteers.

Who are we and what do we do?

We take advantage of the fact that we live in Germany and organize fundraising events and collect donations here, which we then deliver to Gliwice (Poland), where our volunteers distribute the collected funds to people in need. Our distribution center is located in the Tafla ice rink at ul. Akademicka 29.
The refugees who visit the center can get the basic necessities there: food, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and much more. They can also look forward to delicious food, talks, advice, and a children’s corner.

Current activities

Collection in a garage

Collection in our private garage and first mini transport to Gliwice.

First convoy from Germany

At the beginning of the war, the first 40 tons of donations were not yet delivered to Gliwice due to the lack of a functioning storage infrastructure. However, they got into the right hands. In Krakow they were repacked onto Ukrainian trucks and taken directly to our fighting neighbors.

Opening of the dispensary of donated goods "Helping Neighbors"

We are ready to help the people
in need.

Our Board of Management

The board members manage the foundation on a voluntary basis and receive no financial compensation.

Eugeniusz Bienia

President of the Board of Management


Andrzej Pluszczewski

Vice President of the Board of Management


Bartosz Nesterowicz

Vice President of the Board of Management

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